Logolopolis.com was once a startup company much like the business you’re looking to create. With years of marketing and business experience, our team created this marketplace to help others launch their dreams.

We focus exclusively on delivering high valued pre-packaged branding for your great new venture.

Whether it be a new startup company, new product or service, or a trendy app, we have a logo that will set you apart from your competition.

Why Choose Logolopolis

Perfect for a Startup

Our marketplace is targeted for new business ventures

Quality Control

Because our Logos are done in-House we can ensure they’re original and you’re not being sold a copy of someone elses work.


Secure and Safe Transaction

You’re dealing with a professional business headquartered in North America, and not thousands of individuals located in different countries.


Set Prices

No negotiating or bidding necessary

Sold Only Once

Unlike other sites, Once a logo is sold it is removed from the marketplace


Intellectual Property Rights

All Intellectual Property (Unregistered Trademark and Copyright) transfer to you